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Growth hacking internship

8 weeks video course

Legendary Growth hacking internship - now available for everyone as 8 weeks video course

This is an online course during which we dive into my Growth Hacking Internship as a 8 weeks video course which you can now learn anywhere, anytime!

My methodology of Strategic growth hacking is an own combination of my own findings and general growth hacking and lean startup tools. It's in use in over 100 startup companies at least in Finland, Sweden and Estonia and delivering great results.

During last 2 years over 100 individuals have mastered this process and over 90% of them immediately got a full-time job in early-stage startups.

This process is also in use as a service at my growth hacking agency Truly, where it helped to deliver amazing success stories such as

Growth hacking is a tool for systematic problem solving. You can use it in your work or everyday life if you gain more systematic approach to help to reach your goals. It's usable in any function or size of the company - not only marketing.

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Growth Hacking Internship - 8 weeks video course


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