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I’ve grown an early-stage startup from <€1M ARR to €13M, and now I scale my learnings to over 100 early-stage startups as a VC while sharing the journey through my personal brand.

An AI-powered personal brand content machine is a tool designed to help individuals easily create and schedule high-quality social media and blog posts without losing their authenticity.

The process is the same one I’m using for my blog, newsletter, and social media content, which has generated over €1M ARR inbound sales for my agency along with over €30K of annual book sales completely organic by being very consistent in posting and building my personal brand.

In our VC portfolio of over 100 early-stage startups I’ve seen results such as inbound funding offers, high-quality talent pipeline, and early customer pipeline growth with the same process, so I highly recommend it for all individuals from founders to employees to job-seekers or solopreneurs.


  • I. Introduction
  • What is a personal brand content machine and why it is important
  • Why is a personal brand important?
  • Tasks we will cover up in this guide Using AI in personal branding Authenticity and AI
  • II. Goals and Objectives
  • Define the main goals and objectives
  • Examples of goals and objectives
  • Keep it systematic: tracking and documentation tips
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • III. Target Audience
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • IV. Content Strategy
  • 1. Identify your content pillars
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • 2. Conduct a content audit
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • 3. Determine your content formats
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • 4. Frequency of content production and sharing
  • V. Content Creation
  • Content Archive
  • Creating the archive
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • ChatGPT & authenticity
  • Other tools
  • VI. Promotion and Distribution
  • Schedule to keep consistency
  • Recycle and repurpose
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • Participate in discussion
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • Collaborations
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • VII. Evaluation and Refinement
  • Define the metrics and KPIs
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • How to use the data to refine and improve content strategy over time
  • ChatGPT example prompts
  • Don’t forget the human element
  • VIII. Summary
  •  Bonus: ChatGPT example prompts 
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Mari Luukkainen

Principal at with a portfolio of 100+ startups. Ex-growth operator of a 15% profitable MoM startup. Founder of a non-profit creating tech jobs for immigrant women Investor of the year in NWITA.

On this site, I share learnings about a startup as online courses and books.

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