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Courses, books and digital products to help you in startup growth

Build by a Nordic startup growth pioneer Mari Luukkainen.

Personal Brand Content Machine


Growth Leader’s First 30 Days (Get Started Guide)


SOLD OUT - Growth hacking - Intensive summer course 2022 (19.7.2022 & 21.7.2022)

LOPPUUNMYYTY - Kasvuhakkeroinnin kesäkurssi 2022 (aamupäivät 5.7. ja 7.7.)

Kasvuhakkerointikirja: Kasvuhakkeroi tai kuole - ekirja


Growth Hacking Internship - 8 weeks video course

Kasvuhakkerointikirja: Kasvuhakkeroi tai kuole

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Mari Luukkainen

Venture capital investor & ex growth operator from idea to Series A. Here I share learnings on how to take your startup from zero to seed.